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About Us

The Real Ablaze Ent 
Is a network of resources, with original products and content, covering all media sources:

Airs original Ablaze shows, showcases new talent and viewers favorites.



Takes you where no other radio network goes, featuring Snatching edges, Guilty Pleasures, Handcuffs Off, and other programming addressing current events, cultural content, politics, policy and pop culture.

Ablaze Marketing 
provides consulting, websites and graphics design, audio/visual recording and every form of multi media promotions.

Party Hard Promotions 
includes the party hard radio show, club and bar promotions, blog and on going contests.


Our Audience

The Real Ablaze Ent has a wide and diverse audience that we reach because we operate within our local communities and beyond all year round sponsoring local events that benefit distressed families through our children, teens , young adults, millennials, and Gen Xers through our non-profit and promotional eam and their partners.


Radio sponsorship comes with the benefit of creating actual consumers and brand ambassadors of the hosts.

Even when your product promotion is not airing they will use word of mouth to promote your product. It is important that they keep you as a sponsor, and they put in the effort to maintain that relationship.


Sponsors for special events get the benefit to be promoted in nearly all promotional tools for the event.
Every video, flyer and interview will feature your name/logo. Videos will feature a custom animation of your logo reserved for our use.



Sponsorship for the Countdown to Rhymageddon live performance and TV broadcasts. 

Your company will be promoted throughout (mentioned by the host at the start, middle and end of the show) the live broadcast of Rhymageddon, which will stream on all major social media platforms, and air on Roku TV, Amazon Firestick, HarlemAmerica Digital Network and Ablaze TV Entertainment formats.


Your logo will be on all digital fliers, and your company will be mentioned as a sponsor during multiple promo ads with an animation featuring your logo and name.

You will also be promoted during interviews and any news updates for the Countdown to Rhymageddon.

A special digital promo ad with sponsors will be posted regularly and will run for 24 hours on the Itsbizkit Instagram promo page, which has over six hundred thousand followers.


The benefits of sponsorship includes:
1. customized branding of your name and logo, website on all video promotional material.

2. Sponsors/Partners get billing and logo placement on all print and digital flyers. 


3. Flyers with your logo. and/or name when sponsoring or partnering maintain placement on our website after the event is over. We also have our hosts on various platforms thank the sponsors of past events as a gesture of appreciation.

4. At an additional charge animated and customized videos with or without sound for your company or brand available .

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