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Mic West Beatz

Mic West Beatz, aka Justin "Mic West" Slezak. Producer/Engineer/Song Writer/Composer. Resides in Deer Park N.Y.

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Mic West is a Superiors Ablaze music producer. He has been doing music for over thirteen years.

His passion started when he was a child, under the influence of his grandfather, who owned a club and was cohost of the B103 (Wolfman Dan) radio show.
Other prominent influences include Swizz Beats, Timberland, The Neptunes, Dr. Dre, DJ Premier and Scott Storch.


Some of the major artists Mic West has worked with includes French Montana, Coke Boys, Jadakiss, Fred the Godson, Reek Davillion, Dylan & Daband, Tony Yayo and he is currently working with SID from the multi-platinum Superiors production team.

Throughout the years Mic West has developed a unique sound and distinct ear for music. He has been engineering since 2010, producing, composing and writing songs since 2012.
His appreciation for everything from Hip Hop, R&B, Country and Rock to 50's Doowop, Punk, Disco and Pop sets him apart from your average producer.


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