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Fatal Lyrix -  AutoMatiK FAM  -  J-Sk!pp

FOXHOUND is an alternative hip hop group hailing from Long Island, New York that was established during the 2020 quarantine. This hip hop trio uniquely blends traditional lyrical hip hop with a touch of new school and a dash of rock/metal. They have been quoted to have the ability to "fuse rap with any type of beat or genre". The group members consists of;

​Fatal Lyrix

​Lead writer and lyrical composer.

Fatal's style focuses on a smooth flow and catchy, yet profound, lyrical content. 

​AutoMatiK FAM

​Lyrical mastermind with heavy hitting punchlines and rapid-fire flows.


​Wide-ranged vocalist with a unique flow and thought-provoking lyrical content. 

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Areli Modesto

Areli Modesto, professionally known as Areli777 is a Long Island songstress with a unique timbre to her voice and a catalogue of songs that puts her in a zone of her own. Being greatly influenced by xxxtention and other rock and pop bands, she formed her own unique style. After she connected with producer Mic West in 2018, he was able to help her take it to another level, their first collaboration achieving over 40k streams on SoundCloud, building a core fan base that continues to increase with each project. After getting the attention of S.I.D. from the multiplatinum Superiors production team, she became part of the Superiors Ablaze Music project, and her goal is to not only entertain but touch souls with her music, inspiring people to be true to themselves, seeing her fans as family, and refers to them as her fan/fam base.

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