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Lioness Roars - Lucretia Bellamy

Lucretia Bellamy AKA Lioness Roars is the CEO of WineGlassesUp Internet Radio Show.

After a near death experience, she changed her outlook on life and created a closer bond with God.
Lioness Roars was born in 2003. 

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Lucretia Bellamy aka “Lioness Roars” was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. At age seven, she had ambition of being a personality host her love for hiphop began in 1979 inspired by the legendary Kurtis Blow (These are the Breaks).  The microphone was her magic stick. Never afraid to perform in front of anyone. She was the captain of her cheer team, sung in church choir, took roles in school plays lead her to begin writing her own poetry and music. This began her journey as a MC. She performed in Trenton, New Jersey talent shows, fairs, and opened up for professional artists in the ‘80s and early ‘90s. 
Lucretia stopped rapping in the mid ‘90s as hip hop started to change. She then focussed on her family, but never put down the mic. From then on she started hosting forums for community events, political debates, and parties.

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